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About IndiaShoppe

IndiaShoppe is a division of Mi Lifestyle Marketing, which has the important role of curating Mi Lifestyle products. Its primary goal is to ensure customers have access to a wide range of high quality, innovative products that will help enhance their lives. The product range appeals to every member of the family, catering to their needs and aspirations ranging from health, beauty, nutritional, personal care and grocery among others

About MI Lifestyle

MI Lifestyle is one of India's largest direct-selling businesses. The company sells products for nutrition, beauty, and personal care. MI Lifestyle is built on principles, people, and products that have touched millions of lives. As direct selling has spread across the country, more and more consumers have been drawn to the potentially lucrative prospects it presents and are making purchases outside of traditional retail settings. Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited is #1 direct selling company that distributes a wide variety of high-quality, everyday lifestyle products.

There has been a shift in the Indian direct selling sector toward wellness, cosmetics, and personal care products. MI Lifestyle Marketing is one such business. With internal sub-brands, each with its own unique brand identity, Mi Lifestyle Marketing has expanded over a huge area. Our distributors have the unique right to purchase merchandise at Distributor Price (DP), which is significantly less than the MRP. The cross-promotion platform raises the user community's awareness of brands and the direct selling industry. This revised approach not only expands business options for individuals, but also reduces the price of intelligently planned convenience-shopping models for the consumer market. We think that as consumer markets grow, the middle class in India will have at least 2.5 times as much money to spend as they want by 2025. Direct selling encourages micro-entrepreneurship by giving a large number of people the chance to earn extra income. At present, it is believed that over 5 million people in India are involved as direct sellers, and this number is only expected to rise as the sector develops. Assocham did a study that showed that the direct selling business in India almost doubled between 2011 and 2016. In 2016, it was worth Rs 12,620 crore. By 2021, it is expected to be worth Rs 15,930 crore, which is a CAGR of about 4.8%. Certainly, the future of MI Lifestyle Marketing is bright, and it is going to continue to be the leader in the direct selling business.

MI Lifestyle Marketing’s overall rating is 4.5 stars. So definitely, it is a growing business among the people of India. Also, direct selling can be a good way for a lot of people, especially women, to work for themselves. Over the past three years, the percentage of women working in the industry has hovered close to 60%. But a recent survey showed that more and more Indian men are going into this field to work for themselves and start their own businesses.

Yes, MI Lifestyle is the No. 1 company in India when it comes to direct selling.

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited was founded on March 14, 2013, and it is a private, non-public company. It operates out of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and is set up as a private limited company. It has 2.80 billion Indian rupees in authorized share capital and 2 billion in paid-up capital. Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited has two directors - Kolla Sathya Narayana and Manmohan Singh Kishore Kumar.

MI Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited serves customers in India with personal care products such as soap, shampoo, gel, toothpaste, and herbal products. Here is the list of products provided by MI Lifestyle: Bath Soap Face Wash Tooth Paste Hair Oil Hand Wash Agricultural Products Protein Supplement Bathroom Cleaner Detergent Body Lotion Hair Conditioner Eye Gel Shaving Gel Personal Care Antiseptic Cream Skin Cream Body Polish Surface Cleaner Blood Purifier Green Tea Cold Coffee Fruit Juice Mixed Juice

Direct selling businesses frequently have lower brand recognition and product exposure than conventional consumer brands. You won't find Mi Lifestyle products in retail stores or on retail websites since they are only offered through Independent Distributors (IDs), both offline and online. Mi Lifestyle Marketing doesn't conduct a lot of advertising or promotion either. Instead, we put more into R&D, supply chain management, and supporting our IDs. In fact, the majority of people who learn about our brand and products do so from IDs or friends who have used and enjoyed them. Mi Lifestyle Marketing is the top direct selling firm in India demonstrating that our premium products and tried-and-true business strategy satisfy the needs of our IDs, their clients, and their families.

To make it convenient for Mi Lifestyle Independent Distributors to manage their operations from a computer, smartphone, or tablet, Mi Lifestyle provides a particular app. The Mi Lifestyle app enables Independent Distributors to register new Independent Distributors or clients, evaluate individual and team performance, and view action reports while managing their business on the move. One may quickly and simply access the Mi Lifestyle Mobile app to register a client or an Independent Distributors, monitor team and individual performance data, access educational resources, and shop.

By using these simple steps, you can reach the Mi Lifestyle homepage. Open a web browser. Navigate to the browser's menu bar at the top. Enter Press the Enter key. Your browser will open the Mi Lifestyle homepage. You can learn more about Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited, a leader in the sale of goods that promote a healthy living, by visiting its home page. Additionally, you can discover more about starting a customized business and the Mi Lifestyle opportunity.

One of the leading direct-selling companies is Mi Lifestyle that deals with the distribution of a wide range of high quality, lifestyle products for the day to day life. We offer goods for agrocare, home improvement, healthcare, personal care, grocery, and nutrition. The skilled leaders and representatives in our networks of authorized distributors make sure that customers receive the best products and additional Free Business Opportunity advantages. Due to the growth of direct selling around the nation, the lucrative options presented have encouraged many clients to buy products from non-retail locations.

Mi Lifestyle Marketing has a comprehensive portfolio made up of a family of brands in nutrition, healthcare, personal care, and home care instead of owning companies. These companies are here to assist you on your path to a healthier lifestyle. Its brands consist of: Indiagro- This includes agricultural products. Elements Wellness- This is for healthcare and personal care products. MI Home- These are for homecare. Aahar- These include food and beverages.

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited has many positive aspects. It is a dependable supplier of many high-quality healthy products. Every state where its products are sold has regulatory standards that Mi Lifestyle either meets or surpasses. Additionally, pleased clients have the chance to open their own independent businesses (IDs). Mi Lifestyle provides a free opportunity. IDs Income when their clients purchase Mi Lifestyle products and when other members of their business sell those same products. All of their sales come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. With the help of the company's cutting-edge technologies and network of Independent Distributors, you can reach your goals. What you get out of your business depends on how much time and effort you put into it.

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited is an unlisted private company which was incorporated on 14 March, 2013 in Chennai. The company is a manufacturer of agro care, body care, grocery, health care, nutritional care, and personal care products. It is functional in the market as an active direct selling company.

There are two directors for the company, but no important management personnel are known. Kolla Sathya Narayana, who was appointed on March 14, 2013, is the director who has been on the board the longest. Over nine years have passed since Kolla Sathya Narayana joined the board. Manmohan Singh Kishore Kumar, who was appointed on March 21, 2018, is the most recent director. Likewise, there have been other directors in the past as well. With positions at a total of 1 firm, Kolla Sathya Narayana holds the most additional directorships. The directors of the company have no connections to any other businesses overall.

Yes, Mi Lifestyle Marketing is still in business and has been there for nine years now. It was founded in 2013 in Tamil Nadu. The company operates in many states and cities throughout the country. The products and services offered by MI LIFESTYLE MARKETING GLOBAL PRIVATE LIMITED are Health Drink, Nutrilife, Maha Bhringraj Herbal Hair Oil, Immuno 3 Plus, Diabalife Tablet, Radiant Glow Face Wash, Neem Soap. Our novel agro products help farmers achieve maximum yield by protecting the crops.

Mi Lifestyle Marketing gives you the chance to work for yourself, but never by yourself. With the help of other Independent Distributors and seniors in the company, Independent Distributors can earn additional revenue at their own pace. It offers the training necessary to launch and grow a business, and there are many high-quality health, beauty, and home care items available for you to sell. There are a lot of things that can be done, and all Mi Lifestyle products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a very low setup cost. The income that Independent Distributors make from product sales comes in the form of bonuses or retail profits. Mi Lifestyle Marketing is a direct selling Business Opportunity to pay its Independent Distributors ("IDs") for their personal sales as well as for sales produced by IDs who are part of a sales team that they support in the business.

When used according to instructions, all of our products are secure. In fact, Mi Lifestyle stands out due to its superior product quality, efficiency, and safety. We are committed to chemical-free, sustainable farming, and all our products are sold after they have been clinically tested in the laboratories.

At, you can learn about our products, and you can deal directly with an independent business owner to buy them. Working with an independent business can give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have a product specialist on your side for individualized assistance before, during, and/or after you receive your product.

Yes, the Mi Lifestyle products are good for health, and they are manufactured for various health problems and conditions. All of them help you maintain good health and eradicate any underlying problems.

Mi Lifestyle Marketing provides Elements Wellness Natcium Caplets for Calcium Deficiency, which is a health supplement. It provides calcium from a natural source, namely milk. Milk from calcium is processed in a novel technology that goes into Natcium. This provides 1/3rd of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of calcium

Mi Lifestyle Marketing offers a wide range of home care products that are well known for their quality and help you with your day-to-day needs. Some of our home care products are: Mi Home Livlong Descaler Mi Antibacterial Dishwash round bar Mi Home Kill & Shine toilet cleaner Mi Home Disinfectant floor cleaner.

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited has two different kinds of green tea products. These are: On & On Masala Kawah Green Tea: A fresh twist to the traditional Kadha/Kawah with over a dozen different herbs and spices. This blend is packed with multiple health benefits. On & On Kashmiri Kawah Green Tea: A perfect Kashmiri Kawah is made with the exquisite blend of cinnamon and cardamom along with the rich lingering notes of saffron. Now perfected into an instant formula. A perfect companion to keep you warm and radiant.

Mi Lifestyle Marketing also caters to all your face and skin care needs. We have some products that are made for the purpose of making your skin better and more nourishing. These are: Elements Wellness Multi- Action Fairness Formula: Elements Wellness Multi Action Fairness Cream stimulates cell growth and makes the skin lighter and glowing. Suitable for all skin types, this product is certified for its performance ingredients. Elements Wellness Day Protection Cream: Elements WELLNESS EGA 12 Day Protection Cream is an all-day moisturizing cream with a polypeptide-hyaluronate identical complex with minerals and Herbo-Vitamin. Elements Wellness Night Repair Cream: Elements WELLNESS EGA 12 Night Repair Cream cream is derived from Davilla rugosa leaves containing natural oil complex and bio polysaccharide it has Nature derived extract from Davilla rugosa leaves.

In fact, the opposite is the case. Our Independent Distributors (IDs) can get free education and training through Mi Lifestyle Training. This includes more than 80 virtual courses and activities. We think that you are in business for yourself, but never alone. IDs also get special one-on-one coaching from their sponsors and teams to help them set goals, learn more about the products, gain more sales experience, and run successful, long-term Mi Lifestyle businesses.

This is what direct selling is all about: personalized attention and in-depth product knowledge from an Mi Lifestyle -savvy Independent Distributors (ID’s) Who better to purchase from than someone who understands, uses, and enjoys the product? Our IDs are experts who are always ready to answer your questions, tell you about the benefits of a product, show you how to use a product, or help you return a product. Your satisfaction is their primary concern before and after the sale. But if you want to buy Mi Lifestyle products, you don't have to meet with an (IDs). You can also order and reorder products on the website of your (IDs). We make it simple and efficient for you to get what you want, wherever and whenever you need it.

Direct selling is a people-oriented endeavor. The personalized care and product knowledge you receive from your Independent Distributors (ID’s)cannot be matched by a conventional brick-and-mortar store or an internet shop. It is a face-to-face business, and we believe that our business owners do an excellent job of taking care of their clients because they have a vested interest in keeping them satisfied and generating repeat business. Who better to purchase from than someone who understands, uses, and enjoys the product? IDs of Mi Lifestyle Marketing are experts who are always ready to answer your questions, tell you about the benefits of products, show you how to use products, and help you return products. Your satisfaction is their primary concern before and after the sale. However, you are not required to meet with an (IDs) in order to purchase Mi Lifestyle TM products. Additionally, you can order and reorder things via their website. We make it easy and quick for you to get the things you love, no matter where or when you need them.

Creating Income

In addition to developing a business through Word of mouth Direct Selling where they refer and encourage others to do the same, our Independent Distributors (IDs) earn income by selling Mi Lifestyle products to customers. To put it simply: You make Income by selling our items with a markup at retail and keeping the profit. Receiving individual sales bonuses based on the quantity of goods you personally sell. Obtaining Growth Incentives through the development of a team of individuals who sell Mi Lifestyle products on your behalf. Retail markup: ID's are allowed to offer Mi Lifestyle Marketing products at a markup (the distinction between the cost and the retail price) in order to profit from the sale. ID's are eligible for monthly bonuses based on their individual sales volume (how many products and what types of products they sell). Growth Incentives: ID's receive monthly bonuses depending on the team's product sales volume as their businesses expand and they sponsor new team members. ID's might get rewards and business vacations as growth incentives for achieving certain company development milestones.

What you make in sales mostly depends on your effort and capacity to move product successfully. The Mi Lifestyle Global Private Limited company operates similarly. And just like the people themselves, their income fluctuates widely. What type of income do I desire is the most common question people ask themselves while thinking about joining Mi Lifestyle Global Private Limited. Not just how much, but how and for how long should it be earned? For the majority of Independent Distributors (IDs), Mi Lifestyle Marketing is the perfect side business that enables them to operate their companies part-time in order to earn a little additional cash to achieve a specific financial objective, such as debt repayment, college fund investment, or funding a dream vacation. More seasoned IDs may commit more and more time as their businesses expand, eventually making this company their major focus and source of income. It's crucial to keep in mind that Mi Lifestyle Marketing is a business where you may make income over time. IDs can only see an increase in income and become more sustainable when they continually sell products and develop teams of successful IDs. Passion, perseverance, and patience are necessary for long-term success, and the rewards can be enormous.

Yes, you can, and thousands of individuals also do so. These remarkable businesspeople have successfully transformed their passion into a full-time job by working hard for years to make their Mi Lifestyle business their main source of revenue. However, the majority of individuals do not view Mi Lifestyle as a career, and we do not present our business opportunity in this manner. Most Independent Distributors (IDs) view their Mi Lifestyle business as a part-time side job that enables them to earn a little additional cash or to achieve a specific financial goal, such as debt repayment, college fund investment, or funding a dream vacation. More seasoned IDs may commit more and more time as their businesses expand, eventually making it their major focus and source of income. Your Mi Lifestyle business is beautiful because it is entirely yours. To achieve your objectives, you select when and how much effort you wish to put forth.

A degree of success for Mi Lifestyle Independent Owners is known as an Mi Lifestyle Diamond which is based on sales activity and business-building accomplishments. The Mi Lifestyle Rules of Conduct must be followed in order for IDs to qualify for Diamond rank. IDs that gain Diamond status get access to exclusive events, monetary bonuses, and other benefits.

Direct Selling

As its name implies, direct selling consists of person-to-person transactions. With this business model, anyone can start a business with little money and no business experience. Direct selling increases the accessibility of business ownership. These independent business operators generate income as distributors by selling exclusive products in-person or online. Many boost their revenue potential by recruiting and mentoring people to join their team.

Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited is India's No. 1 direct selling company. It was started in 2013 in Chennai. It sells a wide range of lifestyle products that have been approved by the Indian government's Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Naturopathy (AYUSH). We are the first direct selling company to offer the most of the FMCG category's products at pricing, and our inventory of over products practically covers every market sector. Everyone who is a part of MIlife have their dreams realized if this goal is reached. As we continue to grow as the market leader in direct sales in our country, we are able to offer unique advantages and opportunities to our network of registered distributors and customers. This management experience in the Indian direct selling industry. The FDSA and FICCI have both recognized this firm as an associate member.


As the country's largest selling company and one of the most famous companies in our field, we've received a lot of attention - both positive and negative. While the majority of our Independent Company Owners (IDs) have a positive experience with Mi Lifestyle, not everyone is suited for business ownership. Direct selling, like any other sales endeavor, requires enthusiasm, effort, and patience. The only way to achieve long-term success is via years of steady effort, not suddenly. And the greater your financial objectives, the more time and work are required to achieve them. True entrepreneurs find this task invigorating, whilst others may lack the necessary skills. We are confident in our business. And our level of concern for others.

Selling is the most crucial aspect of Mi Lifestyle 's business, not recruiting. Our Independent Distributors make income by selling things; they do not earn income if they do not sell any products. A million people can be recruited by an (IDs), but if none of them sell any Mi Lifestyle products, nobody gets any income. To create a large business, though, you need as many points of sale as you can support and manage. Consider each newly sponsored (IDs) as a point of sale. IDs can expand their teams by supporting other IDs to sell Mi Lifestyle items and by sponsoring new IDs as well, similar to how expanding merchants open additional stores. The greater the number of points of sale, the greater the number of clients reached and the quantity of products sold. As a result Mi Lifestyle's commitment to producing only high-quality items, successful IDs enjoy the benefit of repeat consumers who become loyal customers. Like their (IDs), these individuals fall in love with Mi Lifestyle products and frequently opt to sell them themselves. This organic expansion provides the finest sponsorship experience. IDs cannot make income, regardless of how many new individuals they sponsor, unless they sell Mi Lifestyle products.

Mi Lifestyle is not a pyramid scam, however. Unfortunately, a lack of awareness and misconceptions, particularly on social media and other sites can lead to the inaccurate application of this moniker to direct selling or multi-level marketing organizations like Mi Lifestyle. It is essential to distinguish between multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunities and unlawful pyramid schemes. Mi Lifestyle is one of the world's oldest multilevel marketing (also known as direct selling) firms. Direct selling is a legally recognized and protected business model.

Mi Lifestyle has been a trustworthy alternative for years, whether you are seeking for high-quality items or a business. Mi Lifestyle has become the world's leading direct selling company* by providing individuals with the opportunity to create their own business and earn additional income by selling exclusive items. Our dedication to people is important to our business. Our success depends on the success of Mi Lifestyle Independent Distributors and the public's trust in our products. For years, our company's global R&D team has collaborated with premier colleges and institutes to develop some of the world's most creative goods. From organic agriculture to high-tech manufacturing, we prioritize excellence. There is a global network of millions of IDs who share ideas and rejoice together. We realize you're busy, so we make it easy to get started and keep going.